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And I am still here tho Storm and the kitties are long gone. Sigh but that’s ok.  I have largely given up on second life I go in on Sundays for a couple of hours to host for Carmel but it’s very quiet.

I’m still madly registering domains and my latest is pjfb.org how cool is that? The animation at the top of the site is from pjfb.org.

C’est Moi!

I rejoined the Royal Society of Arts and am happy being a Fellow.

I have become an admin on the RSA Fellows’ Forum and through that, I am one of three authors of the Fellows Hub which you can find here.

It hasn’t been released to the public yet but here is a preview

Oh, and there is Tullamore Men’s Shed opened opposite me which is great fun. It’s opposite my front door and I look after the meeting room/computer room.  I designed the site so have a look. There is a communal area and a woodworking shop.  Here is a bench and a chair we built.

So doing well. I have to exercise more so on Monday going back to the gym and start swimming again.

Health is good.




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