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Getting your own domain, configuring it ready for use takes 15 minutes. You can start using it an hour later, sometimes immediately depending where you live. . To spread throughout the Internet takes 24 hours tho this is an exaggeration in 2013 but we like to be cautious. The way it works is that your domain name has a number (IP Internet protocol) address the name is associated with this number. These are stored in name servers that are connected to the Internet 24/7/365 and every time a domain name is registered they are updated. There are tens of thousands of name servers all connected to each other, talking to each other 24/7/365. When one updates it tells all the rest. They all have the same information . MyVirtualSpace.org is Sub domains are just associated with the main domain. Understand?


Off the top of your head how many email addresses do you remember? 3 of mine I use for different things :> pj@micons.org, philip@irishsecure.com and philip@myvirtualspace.org . My only family is my daughter who is me@(her first name).biz my best friend is at myleftrock@xxxx.com. My daughter forwards hers to her Hotmail account which I can never remember. Understand? Get it?

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