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How Supa

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I am typing this in the second life browser How Supa

[20:44] dudestarship2: gotta pee
[20:44] Wynter: sillly man
[20:44] Wynter: i will alert the media
[20:50] dudestarship2: You will never guess what I am doing
[20:50] Wynter: noooooo
[20:51] Wynter: what ?
[20:51] dudestarship2: i’m updating the blog in the sl viewer
[20:51] Wynter: wow
[20:51] xxWildWynterxx Resident is typing…

20:53] ĐŲĐĘ: ▶ ♛ ︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿╤── – – – КΏΏl TυȠ℮ ♛ ◀

[20:55] just megs: Oh Miss fIery…
[20:55] SongBird Lyric: ㋡ şɱℹlëş ㋡
[20:55] SongBird Lyric: come on in Megs!!
[20:55] Thundergas Menges: hey miss sher, how you doing?
[20:55] Showershoes Charlie: always welcome Blonde !
[20:56] SongBird Lyric: nice outfit Blonde!!
[20:56] SongBird Lyric: heehee
[20:56] ღλɴĢει ɖરελɱȘღ is Online
[20:56] just megs: So’ enuf
[20:56] SongBird Lyric: ♪♪♪♪♪Play The Bluesssssss♪♪♪♪♪
[20:56] Blonde Starsmith: ㋡ how nice of you to notice.. my aamzing DESIGNER OF WHAT I WEAR 🙂
[20:56] Smurfie Sands – Dixon: ::::::: I ❤ THIS T U N E ! ! ! ::::::: HOoOoOUlalalala 🙂
[20:56] Thundergas Menges: hi there blondie blonde
[20:56] Blonde Starsmith: SONGBIRD rocks as a designer
[20:56] SongBird Lyric: awwwwwww


The above is a picture of my screen On the center right I have the blog edit on the left the chat box. I can write the blog without leaving the sl viewer.

Great Fun I can copy ans paste text from sl into blog instantly pretty cool huh


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  1. omgg you are omg they will have to invent a new word awesomeness just isn’t enough lololol

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