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Older Citizens et al

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A few years back my daughter asked me to write down my adventures going around the world. It was a ten-year trip and I started a blog. She also asked me about my childhood, more blogging. It made me realise that Older Citizens such as myself have a contribution to make repositing an era long gone by. We also have had our adventures that should not be lost.

I did some research and several things became apparent. It has been shown that digital literacy can slow down the onset of dementia and those with Alzheimer’s  are actively encouraged to revisit their memories.  What better way to increase digital literacy and improve memory than with a blog. We would be able to revisit values often missing in this 21st-century world. I fondly remember as a young boy in my grandmother’s kitchen, the milkman let himself in,  put the milk in the fridge and took payment from my grandmother’s purse. Trust and honesty somewhat lacking now.

Starting a blog with say WordPress.com is free forever and can be taught in an hour’s lesson. Once WordPress.com is mastered the person may wish to have their own dot com and this will cost €35 per year. Not a lot.

So sign up for your free lesson “Getting started with WordPress.”

(Oh in case you have forgotten all citizens can benefit from blogging, thereby increasing their digital literacy. Click on the image to see)

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